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Sulphuric acid conveying Pump


CQB -F Series Magnetic Driven Pump
Operating Temperature:-20oC ~ 120 oC
Flow:3m3/h ~ 200 m3/h
Pump lift:15m ~ 80m
Product Overview:It is the application of modern magnetic theory which use of permanent magnets to achieve non-contact indirect transmission of a chemical process pump . When the external rotor motor drive (that is, outside the magnet) assembly rotates through the magnetic field through the magnetic line of force within the rotor drive isolation kit (that is, inside the magnet) synchronous rotating assembly and the impeller, closed in the static dielectric isolation kit so that no leakage of the purpose of pumping medium,Solve the mechanical transmission pump seal leakage, is sealed, no leaks, a new type of non-polluting industrial pumps. CQB Series magnetic chemical process pump is to prevent running, run, drip, drain phenomenon, the elimination of environmental pollution, and create "no-leak Workshop", "no leak factory", the realization of security, the ideal of civilized Production pump.
Application Field :
This product is widely used in petrochemical, acid alkali, non-ferrous metal smelting, automotive manufacturing process of pickling, rare earth separation, pesticides, dyes, medicine, paper-making, electroplating, radio and other industries.
Technical Note
CQB Series Pump
Min Flow : 0.8m3/hour (2900r/min) ;
Max Flow: 100 m3/hour(2900r/min) ;
Pipeline pressure to allow inhalation of 0.3MPa.
Pump maximum pressure 1.6Mpa
Pump Materials:
1.Pump Body :Cast Iron (HT200 / HT250 )
2.Flow Component: FEP (F46)
3. Mechanical Seal : sealless instead of magnet set
4.Bearing : Stainless Steel
5.Alex Sleeve: Stainless Steel
6.Coupling : Cast Iron
7.Motor : WNM Motor or other China Motor brand
Model and technical data
CQB 65-50-160F
CQB Magnetic drive
65 Inlet diameter is 65mm
50 Outlet diameter is 50mm
160 Impeller diameter is 160mm
F lining Fluorine Plastic
Product Feature
Thermal Plastic Centrifugal Pump
Teflon of FEP .PFA. PTFE.
Strongly Magnetic Performance
Use Ndfeb magnet
With SIC stationary seal ring
Special produced Impeller with SIC Insert Materials.
Product Specification / Models

Flow Capacity :25 m3/h
Pump Head :32m
Power: 7.5kw
Application / Models
Corrosive, pure and contaminated media in the chemical, pharmaceutics and petrochemical industries, in metal processing, waste water treatment etc.
. When Stainless steel is not sufficiently resistant
. Alternatively to expensive Haste alloy, titanium alloy Pumps
. When anti-adhesive surfaces are important.
Pumping Liquid
1.Acid and caustic liquid
2.Oxidizer corrosive liquids
3.Difficult-to-seal liquids
4.Sulfuric acid
5.Hydroelectric acid
6.nitric acid
7.Acid and lye
8.nitromuriatic acid

Anhui Prestolite Chemical Pump Co.,Ltd Products

IHF Series Teflon Lining Chemical Process centrifugal pump

Sulphuric acid conveying Pump

CQB-FT Series Teflon lining Magnet Sealless Pump

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Anhui Prestolite Chemical Pump Co.,Ltd

Our Chemical Pump Engineer Solution was locate in Jingxian County , Anhui Province, China, neighboring Mount.Huang and Tai Ping Lake.It is China Famous Xuan Paper and Thermo Plastic Anti-corrosive Pump mass-production base. It is can arrival to our city by Jing Fu High-Speed Railway.
Our Main products including: Chemical Pump,Centrifugal Pump ,Diaphragm Pump ,Slurry Pump, Magnetic Drive Pump, Self-Priming Pump,Stainless Steel Pump,Chemical Filter, Water Injection Vacuum Pump Set etc.. totally 20 series and 1000 specifications.
The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, acid or base making, non-ferrous metal metallurgy, organic silicon, fluorine chemical, forming foil, rare earth, pesticides, pharmacy, paper-making, galvanizing, radio industry etc.
Over more than 30 years,Our Chemical Pump Engineers focus on technical development, successfully developed series of Teflon PFA,PTFE,FEP lined Horizontal and Vertical pumps. Because of strict process control, scientific management, reliable quality and first class service, the company has earned high reputations among customers. And have been gaining many rewards from local government.

Products :

An Professional Chemical Process Pump & System Exporter !
An Sealless Leakage-free Safety Water Treatment Equipment Provider !
An Anti-Corrosive Chemical Centrifugal Pump Flow Liquids Equipment Supplier !
An Leading Fluid Handling Technology Thermo Plasitc Pump Engineer & Solution !

Contact Info:
Contact: Jack
TEL: 008613856322065
Country: CN

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