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Heavy Duty Sump Pump MV


The Heavy Duty Pump MV is designed for applications requiring high reliability and durability. The bearing assembly allowsheavy duty cast iron submersible pumps to operate under "squeaky" conditions without damaging the bearings, and is designed to treat abrasive slurries and corrosive fluids by using wet end parts of elastomer or metal linings. Wear-resistant pumps are suitable for mining, chemical processing, wastewater treatment, gravel and general process applications.

Wear Resistant Sump Pump Range:
Discharge Size: 40 to 250 mm
Capacity: 17 to 1000m³/h
Heads: 4 to 40 m

Heavy Duty Sump Pump Typical Application:
(1) Mill Discharge
(2) Coarse Sand
(3) Tailings
(4) Mineral Concentration
(5) Heavy Media
(6) Coal Washing
(7) Process Chemical
(8) Effluent Handing
(9) FGD
(10) Wastewater treatment

Heavy Duty Sump Pump Features:
1. The MV series vertical metal sump pumps are typically immersed in water at the bottom of the tank for conveying highly abrasive, coarse particles of highly viscous slurry.

2. One of the main features of this vertical metal sump pump is the integral pump casing. The wet end is replaceable and made of high chrome for maximum corrosion resistance. Vertical metal sump pumps are available for different pumping applications.

3.Various types of impellers are designed to handle different pumping tasks.

4. The vertical cantilever design eliminates the need for shaft seals or seal water.

5. The parts immersed in the mud can be made of metal or rubber.

Heavy Duty Sump Pump Advantages
1. The physical layout of the submersible Heavy Duty Sump Pump simplifies maintenance operations.

2. The Heavy Duty Sump Pump body is bolted to the support plate. A bearing assembly is mounted on the top of the support plate. Close to the pump end is a double row tapered roller bearing. Connected to the drive end is a single row cylindrical roller bearing.

3. Mounted on the bearing assembly is a motor support or motor mount where the motor is mounted. A flexible coupling or drive belt connects the motor shaft to the pump shaft.

4. In the absence of shaft seals or sealed water, the Heavy Duty Sump Pump can operate normally even if there is not enough mud to reach the suction side.

5. A screen filter is provided on the suction side to separate large particles from the slurry.

Hydraulic Modeling
The open impeller is designed with blades on both sides to balance the centrifugal force and ensure stable operation. The wide flow path allows large particles and high viscosity slurries to pass.

Grease bearing assembly: Double row tapered roller bearings are closer to the pump shaft end, while single row cylindrical roller bearings are closer to the drive.

Installation Types
DC: The motor mounting base is set above the bearing assembly, so it is easy to replace or repair the motor parts.
BD: A V-belt is used to connect the motor shaft and the vertical heavy duty sump pumps shaft. The motor support frame is installed above the bearing assembly, allowing easy replacement of grooved wheels. The purpose of swapping grooved wheels is to change the rotary speed of the pump shaft in order to suit varying pumping applications or conform to the worn-down sump pump.


Heavy Duty Sump Pump MV

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Muyuan - China Standard heavy duty slurry pump manufacturer who can provide High head slurry pump, Heavy duty sump pump China Gravel pump and so on,good price for you.

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Contact: muyuanpump
TEL: 86-311-87773310
Country: TP

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