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Inox Milk Cooling Tank 2000L 3000L 4000L 6000L 10000L Horizontal Type


Inox Horizontal Raw Milk Storge Cooling Tank 2000L 3000L 4000L 6000L 10000L

1. This tank can be used as liquid storage tank, mixing tank, temporary storage tank, water storage tank and so on.
2. It is suitable for food, dairy products, fruit juice beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical and biological engineering.

Big Storage Milk Cooling Tank for Milk Characteristics
1. It is available online CIP cleaning (only suitable for enclosed structure)
2. Designed in accordance with sanitary requirements, so the structural design is very user-friendly, easy to operate, healthy to store.
3. The inner surface is mirror-polished (roughness Ra 0.4 M); The welding of all kinds of nozzles, endoscopic, manholes and the pot adopt stretch flanging process arc transition, easy to clean with no dead ends, ensure the reliability and stability in the production process.

Big Storage Milk Cooling Tank for Milk Structure
The body of this series of stainless steel storage tanks is formed by cylindrical stainless steel, and equipped with sanitary manhole, cleaning ball, liquid level gauge.1000L Horizontal Raw Milk Storge Cooling Tank 2000L 3000L 4000L 5000L

1. Milk Cooling Tank Picture :


This equipment adopting large vertical cooling surface is introduced in 90s with advanced technology. Through the fixed full automatic controlling system, it can be operated in first time of positioning, and also can refrigerate the milk rapidly to the desirable 4 and continuously keeping the temperature. In prevent of the production of bacterium and remaining the A grade emulsive state of emulsion, the refrigerating compressors, adopt the overall sealing compressors with perfect property and energy-saving function which is assembled with reliable protector for avoiding the overload or burned or burned engine caused by the trouble system. The heat-keeping layer applied the new technology of polyurethane foaming has a good feature of heat-insulation.

2. Technical Parameter :

a) Evaporator against leakage : 12 months
b) Compressor : 12 months
c) Condenser fan motor assembly : 12 months
d) Agitator motor : 12 months
e) Refrigerant leakage : 12 months
f) Milk Temperature controller (PLC Module) : 12 months

- - - -
Type | KQ-10T Laying type |
Capacity(L) | 10000L |
Refrigerator Brand | Copeland (Factory in China ) |
[Refrigerating Output](W) | 74000 |
Refrigerating Fluid(R) | 404A |
Insulating Property | 1/6h |
Agitator Speed | 36r/min |
Power (Kw) | 19.2 |
Voltage | According to your requirement |
Dimension(mm) | 8000*2100*2400 |
Weight(Approximately) | 2.05T |
Quantity | 1Sets |
- - - -

3. Factory :

COOLING UNIT : Mounted on the Tank, Designed for higher ambient -46 C of following specs:
Air Cooled Condenser
Cover for Condensing Unit (Material for cover shall be SS)
Energy efficient statically / dynamically balanced fan motor assembly
CFC free refrigerant. (R-404)
Liquid receiver with valves is included in the cooling machine (with By-pass valve arrangement)
2HP to 12HP capacity - Hermetic Reciprocating compressor, 1 phase / 220 Volt - 50 hertz rating
Contactor / overload relays from MG France/Equivalent
Potential relay from EU / Equivalent.
Starting capacitor from FUJI.
LP/HP Switch, Filter driver and sight glass from Danfoss.
Liquid line solenoid valve with timer arrangement.
Under voltage/over voltage protection relay from EU/Equivalent.
fresh milk cooler 5000L milk cooling tank
Payment: within 30 days of after submission of invoice.
Extended Warranty for the following parts of Milk Cooling Tank from the date of installation

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Shanghai Kaiquan Machine Valve Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Kaiquan MachineĀ Valve Co.,Ltd. located in the south of Shanghai, is a modern enterprise which integrates scientific research and production. We are one of the few manufacturers capable of producing high-precision sanitary stainless steel equipment and pipeline connection parts.

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Stainless Steel Mixing Tanks,Liquid Mixing Tank,Milk Mixing Tank

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Contact: Mr. Scott
TEL: 86-021-63309358
Fax: 86-021-63603256
Country: CN
Address: Room 903,No 885 Renmin Road,Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

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