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Auto UHT Milk Processing Equipment Long Shelf Life High Temperature Sterilizing


Auto UHT Milk Processing Equipment Long Shelf Life High Temperature Sterilizing

Basic information of the line:
1. Processing line capacity: 10000L/H UHT milk;
2. Raw material: milk powder;
3. Sterilizing temperature: 137, holding for 5 seconds;
4. Milk outlet temperature: 30;
5. Finished product: UHT milk;
6. Filling machine: Aseptic pouch;
7. Storage condition: Room temperature, around 25.

- - - -
Flow No. | Name | Model | Unit | QTY |
A. Blending unit |
A-1 | Blending tank | 10000L | PCS | 3 |
A-2 | Milk pump | 20T/H | PCS | 1 |
A-3 | Milk pump | 15T/H | PCS | 1 |
A-4 | Powder and water mixer | 20T/H | PCS | 2 |
A-5 | Plate cooler | 20T/H | PCS | 1 |
A-6 | Duplex piping filter | 20T/H | PCS | 1 |
| Subtotal A | | | |
H. UHT Milk sterilizing and homogenizing unit |
H-1 | Tubular pasteurizer | 5T/H | Set | 2 |
H-2 | Full-automatic vacuum degasser | 5T/H | PCS | 2 |
H-3 | High pressure homogenizer | 5T/H | PCS | 2 |
H-4 | Aseptic pouch
filling machine | 5T/H | PCS | 4 |
| Subtotal H | | | |
D. Hot water unit |
D-1 | Hot water tank | 10000L | Unit | 1 |
D-2 | Centrifugal pump | 20T/h | Unit | 1 |
D-3 | Plate heater | 20T/h | Unit | 1 |
D-4 | Temperature control system | | Set | 1 |
| Subtotal D | | | |
E. Semi-automatic CIP system |
E | Semi-automatic CIP system | 33T | PCS | 1 |
R-1 | CIP return pump | 30T/H | PCS | 2 |
| Subtotal E | | | |
F. Auxiliary equipment |
F-1 | Two stages RO Water treatment system | 20T/H | PCS |
F-2 | refrigerator unit | 100T/H | pcs |
F-3 | Steam boiler | 2T/H | pcs |
F-4 | air compressor | 2m/min | pcs |
| Subtotal F | | |
- - - -

Plate sterilizer (UHT)
Technicals: 565(homogenizer)137(3-5S)20-25. This UHT system adopts ultra high heat treatment to sterilize the liquid dairy products, tea drink and juice for the the aseptic filling production; the sterilize temperature is 137 holding for 3~5S,by this procedure to remain the nature nutrition and flavor of the milk and juice;
This machine has the following characteristics: high heat reuse efficiency, tight structure design fine looking and temperature control well etc; discharge temperature of this machine can be self controlled so it is available for the hot filling procedure and meanwhile for aseptic cold filling;
Control styles:
full-automatic controlled
(PLC, touch screen).

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Zhejiang Jinben Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Zhejiang Jinben Machinery Manufacturing Co., specialized in the design,research and development, production and sales of food and beverage machinery and equipment.The main products and service are beverage filling production lines,milk yoghurt production lines,water production lines ect.

Products :

Soft Drink Production Line,Water Production Line,Milk Production Line

Contact Info:
Contact: Ms. Rachel
TEL: 86-577-65767777
Fax: 86-577-65765511
Country: CN
Address: Caocun industrial District, Ruian Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Province, China

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