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Commercial Access Control Waist High Turnstile Semi - Auto Waterproof Stable


Access Control Turnstile Gate Tri-pod Turnstile Waist-high Designer Semi-auto Waterproof Stable

Features and Benefits

1. Equipment compatibility: standard input/output interfaces for the equipment are provided for the connection with various identification system devices.
2. Remote control: it enables remote control and management directly by supervisory computer via equipment serial ports, and is able to detect equipment running state and modify operating parameters in real time.
3. Passage indication: it is equipped with channel normally on LED indicator and real-time passage LED lamp indication.

4. Fire-safety linkage: the turnstile will open automatically and enter the emergency mode when the equipment receives the fire-safety signal in the case of constant power supply.
5. Anti-pass-back: the machine can only move forward by default so as to prevent illegal pass-back after the turnstile rod rotating 60.
6. Passage under power failure: the equipment will automatically drop its rod to ensure smooth operation under the city power failure; after the recovery of power supply, the channel keep closed


Dry contact relay with 12 volt or 24 volt pulse

Rs485, or Tcp-lp communication with computer

Product Description
Product description for TCPIP And RFID Support Tripod Turnstile For University Dormitory

- - - -
Technical Data | Unit | EL128 |
Passage width | mm | <550 |
Throughput rate | p/m | 35 |
Power supply | V(ac) | 100-240 |
Operational voltage | V(dc) | 24 |
Max power consumption | w | 30 |
Frequency | hz | 50-60 |
prectection level | ip | >44 |
Working temperature | degree | -25 to +70 |
Dimension excluding bars | mm | 470X280X960 |
Net weight including bars | Kg | 33
- - - -

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Shenzhen Turboo Gate Door Automation Co., Ltd.

TURBOO Gate & Door Automation Co.,Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, which specializes in RD,manufacturing, sales and services of gate automation products in China. We have been involved in gate automation since 2006.

Products :

Access Control Turnstile Gate,Tripod Turnstile Gate,Electronic Turnstile Gates

Contact Info:
Contact: Miss. Grace mao
TEL: 86-755-29809981
Fax: 86-755-29164103
Country: CN
Address: Floor 14#, Baochuang building A#, Baoneng Industrial, Qinghu Town, Longhua district, Shenzhen, China

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