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Professional Indoor Flying Mini Drones , Micro Remote Control Drone With Camera And Gps


High PrecisionStepVR Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Laser Space Positioning System

Laser space positioning technology for UAV

The UAV real-time positioning solutions is the use of large space laser positioning system with high precision, the laser positioning system based on large space positioning using high precision space positioning laser transmitting station with independent research and development of nine axis attitude fusion algorithm can accurately construct the UAV 3D spatial position information, realize the UAV position and attitude the capture of the information, the real-time data of open source SDK, support MotionBuilderUnityUnreal, UAV intelligent control power tools leading research areas, allows researchers to focus more on the control. When there is no GPS signal in the indoor environment, we can only pay attention to other systems.

The UAV is compact, flexible and highly mobile. It requires that the measurement system can collect objects with high speed and small volume. The characteristics of the laser large space positioning and motion capture system are well covered.

Hardware Configuration

1. UAV flight Kit: Position calibration, fixed line flight

2. Standard Laser Locator: collecting data position and calibrating the flight route

3. Infrared Laser: laser scanner

Unmanned aerial vehicle indoor positioning inspection system equipment: including 5 UAV flight kits, standard laser locator, space area laser scanner matching, and so on.

Technical advantage:compared with other flight positioning schemes, the laser space positioning flight system has the following five advantages:
# Indoor positioning:there is no GPS signal in the indoor environment, and the unmanned aerial vehicle can not be located.
# Anti-jamming:it can realize multi unit UAV flight without interference.
# High precision:the position coordinates are accurate to 0.1mm, and theextension is less than 10ms, which is far higher than other positioning schemes.
# Robustness:capture tracking fixed on unmanned aerial vehicle, tracking data almost will not be lost;
# Price:the cost of autonomous formation flying is low.

UAV flight control system docking laser standard positioning parts, real-time and accurate flight according to the predetermined flight path, through laser scanning operation, optimize the flight control system, so as to achieve UAV formation flying.

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Company Information
KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd. is the Overseas Business Office of G-Wearables.
G-Wearables was founded in 2013. The core team of the company consists of top technology researchers and trend marketers. The company is focused on laser positioning research and development for applications such as virtual reality, motion capture, multi-person interaction and so on.
Our office

KSQ Technologies Co., Ltd. Products

Model StepVR - 72 Virtual Reality System Standard Main Hardwares

Professional Black VR Hardware Virtual Reality Glasses For Virtual Reality System

Wireless Computer - StepVR Powerful Central Computing Processing Unit

Positioning System - StepVR Space Positioning Laser Emission Unit

High Accuracy Virtual Reality Hardware Shooting Guns Easy To Operate

Low Latency Positioner Virtual Reality Hardware Motion Capture Unit
Virtual Reality 3d Headset , Vr Virtual Reality Glasses High Resolution Images
Ergonomically Designed Wireless Somatosensory Manipulation Handle
Professional Virtual Reality Hardware Vr Backpack Computer For Windows 10 Pro
Professional Indoor Flying Mini Drones , Micro Remote Control Drone With Camera And Gps
High Positioning Accuracy Virtual Reality Software With 360 Degree VR Experience
Real Experience Virtual Reality Parts Portable Simulation Game Props
Anti Occlusion Virtual Reality Software Embedded Control Chip , Easy To Capture
High - Tech VR Application Software Precision Positioning Accuracy For Shooting Game
Wireless VR One Backpack / Vr Gaming Backpack For Virtual Reality System
Professional Virtual Reality Hardware Wireless Computer Backpack Super Long Standby
Virtual Reality Parts Powerful Vr Gaming Backpack 512GB Capacity With 16GB Memory
High Performance Virtual Reality Hardware Somatosensory Simulation Props
SVR-1112029 Virtual Reality Accessories Vr Gun Props For 3D Shooting Sports
Wireless VR Gun Virtual Reality Hardware For 3D Games / Shooting Training
High Performance Virtual Reality Hardware Powerful Central Computing Processing Backpack
3d Vr Virtual Reality Headset 360 Motion VR Tracking Device Standard Positioning
High Precision Virtual Reality Game System With Gesture Recognition / Dynamic Heart Rate
SVR-B Virtual Reality Systems Revolutionary Platform With Interactive VR Experience
High Fidelity Virtual Reality Accessories Positioner Low Latency Motion Capture
Vr Application Software Large Space Explore , High Accuracy Virtual 3d Software

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KSQ Technologies Co., Ltd.

KSQ Technologies (Beijing) Co . Ltd . is the Overseas Business office of G - Wearables .
G - Wearables was founded in 2013.We are a high and new tech company here in China. The core team of the company consists of top technology researchers and trend marketers.

Products :

Virtual Reality Systems,Virtual Reality Hardware,Virtual Reality Software

Contact Info:
Contact: Ms. Aileen Zhao
TEL: 86-10-60714361
Fax: 86-10-60714361
Country: CN
Address: Rm 9-616, No.10 Zhenxing Road (MDW Plaza), Changping, Beijing,102200

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