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0-500rpm Revolutions Plastic Pelletizing Machine W6M05Cr4V2 Screw Material


LLDPE LDPE HDPE In the Water Plastic Granulator Pelletizing Machine

Nanjing Yongjie underwater plastic pellet machine is the special and innovative technique for the production of

hgih-quality plastics pellets, which have low viscosity and high elasticity, or have special shape, such as micro-particle.

Typical Application:1.Polyolefine:LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, EPDM...2.Styrolpolymere:PS, ABS... 3.Acrylharze:PMMA...4.Polyacetale:POM...5.Polycarbonate:PC,PET,PBT, PE...

6.Polyamide:PA6,PA6.6,PA11,PA12...7.Thermoplastics Elastomer:TPE,TPV,TPR,TPEE...8.Hot melt adhesives: TPU, EVA, PA, PP

Quick details


Screw material:W6Mo5Cr4V2

Barrel material:45forged steel with the abrasion-resistant alloy 101 (Ni-Fe-Cr-W) inside that smooth

and abrasion resistant. The hardness is HRC60-64.


Output:400kg/h according to different material, formula and technology of process etc.

Revolutions: 0-500rpm

Reduction ratio: i =3:1

Scope of supply:

- - - -
No. | Contents | Unit | Quantity | Marks |
1 | Twin screw extrusion system | set | 1 | |
1.1 | Feeding system | set | 1 | 1.5kw |
1.2 | SJ-75 Twin screw extruder | set | 1 | 110kw, 44:1 |
1.3 | Vacuum venting system | set | 1 | 2.2kw |
1.4 | Water cycling system | set | 1 | 0.55kw |
1.5 | Automatic screen changer | set | 1 | 1.5kw |
2 | Electric cabinet | set | 1 | |
3 | Underwater pelletizing auxiliary machine system | set | 1 | |
3.1 | Dump valve system | set | 1 | 2.4KW |
3.2 | Cutting head | set | 1 | |
3.3 | Cutting knife system | set | 1 | 4KW |
3.4 | Pneumatic valve | set | 1 | |
3.5 | Dehydrator | set | 1 | 5.5KW |
3.6 | Electric cabinet | set | 1 | |
3.7 | vibrator | set | 1 | 0.4KW |
3.8 | One stage blowing transmitting system | set | 1 | |
4 | Documents | set | 1 | |
- - - -

World famous brands of electronic components

1). Temperature control meter is Japanese RKC meter, intelligent type, double channel;

2). The inverter of extruder is ABB;

3). The low-voltage apparatus and the button adopt SCHNEIDER product;

4). AC contactor adopt SIEMENS product;

5). The main motor is SISMENS BEIDE;

6). The air switch adopts CHINT products. The solid-state relays are from American joint venture brand;

7). The electromagnetic valve: adopt Denmark DANFOSS product.

Photo of In The Water PlasticPelletizing Machine

Main technical data of various model of twin screw extruder pelletizing machine

- - - -
Model type | Series | Barrel Diameter (mm) | Screw Diameter (mm) | Screw L/D | screw speed n(r/min) | Main motor power(Kw) | Screw torque T(N.m) | Torque rating (T/A3) | Typical production capacity (kg/h) |
SJSL-36 | A/B/C/D | 36 | 35.6 | 32-48 | 400/600 | 11/15/18.5/22 | 125-225 | 4.6-8.3 | 30-120 |
SJSL-51 | A/B/C/D | 51 | 50.5 | 32-52 | 500/600 | 45/55/75/90 | 405-680 | 5.1-8.5 | 120-400 |
SJSL-65 | A/B/C/D | 63 | 62.4 | 32-64 | 500/600 | 75/90/110/132 | 680-1200 | 4.8-8.5 | 180-750 |
SJSL-75 | A/B/C/D | 72 | 71 | 32-64 | 500/600 | 110/132/160/250 | 995-1890 | 4.6-8.7 | 300-1200 |
SJSL-95 | A/B/C/D | 94 | 93 | 32-64 | 500/600 | 250/315/450/550 | 2260-4510 | 4.7-8.7 | 700-2500 |
SJSL-135 | A/B/C/D | 135 | 133 | 32-48 | 400/500 | 550/750/900/1200 | 6200-10800 | 4.4-7.7 | 1550-6500 |
- - - -

Company Brief

Nanjing Yongjie Qixin Machinery Equipment Co.,LtdFounded in 2001, covers an area of 20,000 square meters on our own land, with monthly output of machine 20sets. Our factory is certificated to CE, ISO9001:2008.The company concentrates on research, development and production of high level, accurate, highly sophisticated series product parallel co-rotating cordwood twin screw extruder, single screw extruder, two stage extruders and automatic plastic pelletizing machines. We have provided customers first-class products with strong torque, high production, energy conservation and environmental protection products. The special designed screw structure has realized successfully for one step shaping on many kinds of products, and is widely used in aluminum composite plate, XPS foaming plate, WP plate, PP, PE sheet industry, etc.

QAULITY IS PUT AT THE FIRST , and our factory is certificated to ISO 9001:2008 and CE.

Nanjing Yongjie Qixin Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd Products

PET PBT POM Enginering Plastic Pelletizing Machine With 4000mm Water Tank

large Capacity Two Stage Extruder plastic pelletizing machine

W6Mo5Cr4V2 Material Twin Screw Extruder Machine Horizontal 300kg/H Capacity

PLC Control Mini Twin Screw Extruder , HDPE Extruder Machine One Year Warranty

PA Nylon Extruder Engineering Plastic Pelletizing Machine 100-150kg/H 45/55kw

Corn Starch Biodegradable Waste Plastic Recycling Pelletizing Machine 30-50kg/H
High Efficiency WPC Extruder Machine W6Mo5Cr4V2 Screw & Barrel Material
800rpm Gearbox Water Ring Pelletizer , PE Pelletizing Machine 71.8 Mm Barrel Diameter
2000kg/H Biodegradable Filler Masterbatch Machine Customzied Color One Year Warranty
100-150kg/H Master Batch Manufacturing Machine Water Cooling Strand Cutting Type
High Efficiency Polymer Extrusion Machine With Two Stage Conveying System
PE PP PVC Film Plastic Recycling Machine Double Stage Extruder Long Span Life
High Performance Single Screw Extruder Machine Long Working Life 200kg/H
Heavy Duty PET Bottle Granulator , Plastic Extrusion Equipment One Year Warranty
Twin Screw Puffed Snack Food Extruder Machine High Rotating Speed 250kw
PE PP Filler Masterbatch Plastic Pelletizing Equipment Water Ring Cutting Way 2500kg/H
Automatic Plastic Granules Making Machine For Recycled PET Bottle Chip Flake SJSL65B
High Performance PVC Pelletizing Machine For Cable 38CrMoAl Screw & Barrel Material
132kw PE PP Plastic Film Granulator , Plastic Film Recycling Machine Large Capacity
2-15kg/H 20mm Reprocessed Plastic Granules Machine , Extruder PVC Machine 7 Zones
High Efficiency Plastic Pellet Production Machine , Plastic Pelletizing Equipment
200kg/H Dual Screw PET Pelletizing Machine With Water Strand Auxiliary System
Automated Plastic Pelletizing Equipment PET Extrusion Line Environmental Friendly
Water Strand Plastic Pelletizing Machine For PPS + Glass Fiber 39.6mm Barrel Diameter
0-500rpm Revolutions Plastic Pelletizing Machine W6M05Cr4V2 Screw Material
Professional Plastic Bottle Granulator , Pellet Extruder Machine Explosion Proof
90kw Power Polymer Extruder Plastic Pelletizing Machine Fatigue Resistant
ABB Inverter Brand PVC Pelletizing Machine Anti Corrsion Long Span Life
Water Strand Cutting Way PVC Pelletizing Machine PID / PLC Control Type
Energy Saving Wax Pelleting Machine , Plastic Granulator Machine Explosion Proof
18.5kw Motor Twin Screw Plastic Extruder PVC Pelletiser Machine With High Speed Mixer
Die Face Cutter Extruder PVC Pelletizing Machine With Vacuum Venting System
Laboratory Mini Extruder PVC Granulating Line With Water Strand Pelletizing System
2900mm Barrel Length PET Pelletizing Machine With 2 Sets Vacuum Venting System
1000-1500kg/H PET Pelletizing Machine With 9 Heating Zones 132mm Screw Diameter
PID Control Type PET Pelletizing Machine 38CrMoAL Screw / Barrel Material
Recycling Pet Bottle Flake Pellet Production Equipment 2610mm Barrel Length
Interlocked Control PET Pelletizing Machine 300/600 Rpm Energy Efficiency
Automatic Water Ring Pelletizer ABS Extruder Machine With 50L High Speed Mixer
20mm Mini Laboratory Parallel Twin Screw Extruder , Pvc Extruder Machine PID Control
SIEMENS Motor Water Ring Pelletizer Double Screw Extruder Design One Year Warranty
62.4mm Diameter Twin Screw Pelletizer Master Batch Making Machine High Efficiency
Heavy Duty Plastic Recycling Pellet Machine W6Mo5Cr4V2 Screw & Barrel Material
Twin Screw Extruder Water Ring Pelletizer For Caco3 Masterbatch Manufacturing
1.5kw Cutter Water Ring Pelletizer Plastic Extrusion Machine 30-100kg/H Capacity
90kw Twin Screw Extruder Machine For Potato Starch Biodegradable PLA Pellets Making
Co Rotating Twin Screw Extruder Machine Air Actuated Granulating 300rpm Speed
Iron Oxide Fe2O3 Plastic Pellet Making Machine , Dual Screw Extruder High Power
Water Ring Pelletizer Thermoplastic Extrusion Machine W6Mo5Cr4V2 71mm Screw Diameter
Water Strand PS ABS PA PP Extrusion Machine , Co Rotating Plastic Extrusion Line
20mm Nitridged Steel Mini Twin Screw Extruder Machine 1000mm Barrel Diameter
Heavy Duty POM PA ABS Extrusion Machine , Waste Plastic Extruder Equipment 55kw
Horizontal Plastic Extrusion Machine For Corn Starch + PP Biodegradable PLA Pellet
PA + Glass Reinforcement Twin Screw Extruder Machine With Vacuum Venting System
Water Ring Cutting PE Extrusion Machine , 2000kg/H Two Screw Extruder 315kw
Color Masterbatch Making Pellet Twin Screw Extruder Machine Water Strand Cutting
Two Stages Twin Screw Extruder Machine For PVC Cable Shoe Sole Pelletizing SJSL 75B
100-150kg/H PVC Pelletizing Twin Screw Extruder Machine 600rpm Speed SJSL51
Pet Flake Pelletizing Twin Screw Extruder Machine 1000-1500kg/H 9 Heating Zones
Double Screw Extruder Machine , PET Plastic Recycling Extruder Machine 400kg/H
PE PP Filler Masterbatch Plastic Pellet Extruder Machine With Feeding System
High Output Plastic Granulator Machine , AC Motor Double Screw Extruder Machine
Heavy Duty Master Batch Manufacturing Machine W6Mo5Cr4V2 Screw & Barrel Material
0.26kw Dryer Filler Masterbatch Machine Low Voltage Power Supply Standard SJSL36
ABB Inverter Brand Filler Masterbatch Machine 500rpm Gearbox Revolution Speed

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Company Profile

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Nanjing Yongjie Qixin Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd

Nanjing Yongjie Chemical &Machinery Equipment Co., LTD, founded in 2001, is specialized in R&D, production and service of plastic pelletizing machine. Our manufacturer covers an area of 20,000 square meters on our own land, with monthly output of machine 20sets.

Products :

Plastic Pelletizing Machine,PVC Pelletizing Machine,PET Pelletizing Machine

Contact Info:
Contact: Mr. Yongjie
TEL: 86-25-52750152
Fax: 86-25-58736139
Country: CN
Address: No.9 Lanxia Road, Moling Industrial Concentration Area, Jiangning District,211111, Nanjing, China

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