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R404a Refrigeration Water Cooled Screw Chiller Multi Stage Energy Controlling System


Bitzer compressor rack


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CompressorUnit | RefrigerationCapacity | Evaporatingtemperature |
Pistontypesingle-stageparallelunit | 20HP~350HP | 7.5~-45 |
PistontypeTwo-stageparallelunit | 16HP~180HP | -25~-65 |
Screwtypesinglestageparallelunit | 80HP~600HP | 5~-45 |
Screwtypedouble-stageparallelunit | 100HP~600HP | -30~-65 |
- - - -


1. Bitzer screw compressor

2. With full range, air cooled & water cooled.

3. Multi stage energy-controlling system

4. All the accessories are world famous brand, which with reliable quality.

5. Testing condition: ambient temperature 35oc, condensing temperature 50oc

6. Wide application, suitable for different refrigerant.

7. Optional configuration is acceptable.

8. CE approved.

Jinan Ourfuture Refrigeration Equipment Company Products

Bitzer Reciprocating Compressor Chiller , Cool Room Refrigeration Units

Refrigeration compressor unit with Bitzer compressor for poultry blast freezer, refrigerant R404a

R404a Bitzer piston type refrigeartion compressor unit for 2 fruit cold storage

Bock Low Temperature Cold Room Compressor Unit , Compressor Rack Unit

Carlyle Reciprocating Refrigeration Compressor Unit 3Phase for Cold Room

Bock Low temperature Reciprocating refrigerationcompressor rack For Apple Cold Storage
Apple Cold Storage Cold Room Compressor Unit Low Temperature
Screw compressor unit with PLC control and Bitzer CSH compressor for R407C 2 cold store
Hight Temperature Cold Room Compressor Unit Reciprocating For Garlic Cold Storage
Danfoss Parallel Screw Compressor Unit , Apple Cold Room Copeland Condensing Unit
Energy Saving Refrigeration Compressor Unit Medium Temperature Reciprocating
Bitzer High Teperature Refrigeration Condenser Unit , Cold Storage Parallel Compressor
Walk In Freezer Cold Room Compressor Unit , Bitzer Reciprocating Compressor Chiller
High efficiency Bitzer Condensing Unit with reciprocating compressor
Red Onion Cold Storage Bitzer Condensing Unit 20HP - 350HP Refrigeration Capacity
Energy saving Pharacy Cold Room Screw Compressor Unit With PLC safety auto control
High Temperature Cool Room Refrigeration Units , Parallel Screw Compressor Chiller
Commercial Food Refrigeration Compressor Rack With PLC Safety Auto Control
3 Phase Bitzer Reciprocating Compressor Chiller For Commercial Walk-in Freezer
Scroll Parallel Danfoss Compressor Unit , Refrigeration Compressor Rack
Scroll Danfoss Condensing Unit , Reciprocating Refrigeration Compressor Unit
Danfoss / Ebmpapst Scroll Compressor Rack energy saving for commercial
Bock R404a R22 Refrigerant Cold Room Compressor Unit , Outdoor Compressor Unit
Commercial Scroll Air Cooled Condensing Unit Danfoss R404a / R22
R404a Refrigeration Water Cooled Screw Chiller Multi Stage Energy Controlling System
Bitzer Screw Compressor Unit R404a Refrigerant / refrigeration unit
Bitzer R404a refrigeration multi compressor racks for -18 chicken cold storage
Danfoss Air Cooled Refrigeration Compressor Unit For Freezer Commercial Food
Medium Temperature Cold Room Refrigeration Compressor Unit Carlyle Reciprocating
R404a Fusheng Screw Compressor Unit , Walk In Cooler Condensing Unit
R22 Fusheng Screw Type Compressor Rack Unit For Walk-in Freezer
Commercial Walk-in Freezer Condensing Unit 3 Phase 50Hz with R22 R507
Danfoss Scroll Parallel Refrigeration Compressor Unit For Commercial Meat Production
Bitzer High Temperature Parallel Screw Compressor Unit for Blast Freezer
Parallel Bitzer Screw Refrigeration Compressor Unit 380V 3P 50Hz
Carrier High Teperature Reciprocating Cold Room Compressor Unit Parallel
Low Temperature Copeland Condensing Unit For Supermarket Walk-in Freezer
Garlic Cold Storage Bitzer Condensing Unit , Cold Room Compressor Unit
220V/1P/60Hz Cold Room Compressor Unit Used In Meat Freezer Water Cooled
High Temperature Parallel Screw Compressor Rack Fusheng for Cold Chamber
Box Air Conditioning Compressor Rack , Copeland Commercial Refrigeration Units
R404a Danfoss Compressor Rack , Meat Cold Storage Scroll Condensing Unit
Air Conditioning Copeland Condensing Unit Commercial PLC Control
-35 Degree Cold Room Compressor Unit Water Cooled Screw Type CE Approved
Blast Freezer Bitzer Screw Compressor Rack with PLC controller
Parallel Commercial Refrigeration Units Screw Type , High Temperature
Commercial Meat Freezer Low Temperature Condensing Unit with Copeland compressor
Danfoss Scroll Cold Room Compressor Unit For Convenience Store
Garlic Cold Storage Cool Room Refrigeration Unit with Hanbell / Bock Compressor
Reciprocating Refrigeration Compressor Rack Parallel 220V 1Phase 60Hz
Parallel Screw Compressor Unit , Blast Freezer Bitzer Condensing Unit
Bitzer Cold Room Compressor Unit , Supermarket Parallel Compressor
Apple Cold Storage Bitzer Condensing Unit , Cold Room Cooling Unit R404a
Food Refrigeration Water Cooled Chiller System 380V 3P 50Hz
Cold Room Compressor Rack Unit Danfoss Hermetic Scroll Type
Commercial Food Refrigeration R22 Condensing Units Danfoss Scroll Parallel
Air Conditioning Scroll Condensing Unit Ebmpapst Danfoss For Cold Room
Piston Cold Room Condensing Unit , Medium Temperature Compressor Rack
Air Cooled Scroll Condensing Unit With Reciprocating Compressor
Commercial Piston Low Temperature Condensing Unit Danfoss
Supermarket Copeland Scroll Condensing Unit , Refrigeration Compressor Unit
Danfoss Low Temperature Compressor Reciprocating For Convenience Store
Water Cooled Bitzer Condensing Units , R22 Screw Compressor Unit
Energy Saving Screw Air Cooled Condensing Unit R404a Fusheng Brand
Piston Type Integral Low Temperature Condensing Unit Air cooled
Supermarket Walk-In Freezer Condensing Unit Danfoss Low Temperature
Bitzer Piston Low Temperature Condensing Unit for Marine Freezer
R404a Fusheng Brand Screw Low Temperature Condensing Unit for Apple Cold Storage
Ebmpapst Fan Evaporative Cooled Condenser For Supermarket / Pharmacy Refrigeration
Induced Draft Type Evaporative Cooled Condenser Evaporative Condenser Cooling Tower
CE Evaporative Cooled Condenser / Cooling Condenser For Cold Storage Refrigeration
380V 3 Phase 50Hz Evaporative Cooling Condenser For Cold Storage Refrigeration System
R507 / R407C Screw Walk In Cooler Condensing Unit , High Efficiency Fusheng
Induced Draft Type Evaporative Condensing Unit Evaporative Condenser Chiller
Danfoss Water Cooled Screw Condensing Unit Refrigeration R404a
Industrial Screw Water Cooled Condensing Unit R404a / R22 Refrigerant
Cold Storage Room Evaporative Cooled Condenser Refrigerant R22 R134a R404a R407c
Bitzer Water Cooled Condensing Units , Cool Room Refrigeration Units
Downstreaming Type Evaporative Condenser For Cold Storage Refrigeration System
Commercial Blast Freezer Water Cooled Chiller , Refrigeration Compressor Rack
Blast Freezer Cold Room Compressor Unit -30 - 50 Evaporating Temperature
PLC Bitzer Water Cooled Screw Chiller Hanbell Semi Hermetic
Forced Draft Type Evaporative Cooled Condenser Cold Room Refrigeration System
Refrigeration Semi-hermetic Water Cooled Condensing Units PLC
Screw Industrial Water Cooled Condensing Units for Cold Room
Ammonia / Freon Refrigeration System Evaporative Condenser 220V 3 Phase 60 Hz
Carlyle Commercial Water Cooled Condensing Units , Screw Industrial Chiller
Portable Water Cooled Condensing Units for Commercial Food Refrigeration
Water Cooled Copeland Condensing Unit , Freezer Condensing Unit
Carlyle Water Cooled Chiller System , Commercial Danfoss Condensing Unit
Commercial Water Cooled Screw Chiller For Cold Chain Logistic
3Phase 50Hz Water Cooled Screw Chiller , 380V Cold Room Cooling Unit
CE Approved Water Cooled Screw Chiller Suitable For Different Refrigerant
Blast Freezer Screw Water Cooled Chiller System With Oil Separator
Single Stage Industrial Water Cooled Screw Chiller 80HP - 600HP Refrigeration Capacity
Cold room Bitzer Water Cooled Screw Chiller energy saving with PLC controller
Screw Water Cooled Condensing Unit With Danfoss Copeland Compressor
Air Conditioning Invotech Air Cooled Scroll Chillers R22 Refrigerant
Danfoss Air Cooled Scroll Condensing Unit For Supermarket And Convenience Store
Cold Storage Refrigeration System Evaporative Condenser Chiller Draft Type

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Company Profile


Jinan Ourfuture Refrigeration Equipment Company

Our company produces screw type condensing units,screw type multiple compressor parallel units, reciprocating condensing units, reciprocating parallel compressor racks, scroll type compressor box type condensing unit and scroll type parallel compressor units with best quality and favorable price.

Products :

Compressor Rack , Screw Compressor Unit , Refrigeration Compressor Unit

Contact Info:
Contact: Mr. Mike
TEL: 86-531-86550406
Fax: 86-531-86550408
Country: CN
Address: Rm 1808 No. 168, Huayuan Road, Jinan, China, 250100

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