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*Subject: machine tool cable protection PVC COATED LIQUID TIGHT CONDUIT,liquid tight connector (LTFC)
machine tool cable protection PVC COATED LIQUID TIGHT CONDUIT,liquid tight connector (LTFC) Electro-galvanized galvanized steel strip which is then profiled and helically wound into a flexible conduit. It is then coated with heavy duty P.V.C. with a smooth surface enabling the fitting to seal completely when assembled. The grade of P.V.C. selected allows greater resistance to a wide range of oils and greases. The product are Smooth P.V.C. coverd, Good crush resistance, Water resistant etc. APPLICATION : * A liquid tight system developed for higher temperature applications such as machine tools and/or where the conduit will be required to operate in environments where oils and greases are predominant. * Used in package lines, conveyors, assembly line, machine tools, material handling equipments, outdoor light fitting welders, pumps, blowers, grinders, heating equipment and automated lines for forging, plating, molding, blasting, rolling, die casting, processing, extruding, etc. * It is used for wiring circuits located in extremely wet or damp areas and for machines and equipment where ruggedness is required. * Suitable for inside cold storage areas and is suitable for wiring most types of industrial equipment, which are subjected to moisture from coolant, and other wiring hazards. InterLocked PVC coated Flexible metal Conduit,conduit fittings PVC Vacuum Jacketed Flexible Steel Conduit,interlocked Flexible Steel Reinforced PVC Conduit is designed with an interlocking spirally wound metal armor surrounded with a PVC jacket. The inner armor allows the flexible conduit to be highly resistant to pressure, impact and mechanical stress, while providing superior flexing qualities. The PVC jacket provides resistance against water, oils and acids. All of these features make the Flexible Steel Reinforced PVC Conduit ideal for use in machine and equipment manufacturing with harsh and/or wet environments. ===========================
Company: Delikon Tubing Co., Ltd., flexible conduit
*Contact: delikon
Country: CN
Address: CHINA




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