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Diosmin 90% / 95% / 98% Rutin Powder Citrus Aurantium CAS 520 27 4  

Food/Pharmaceutical Grade Citrus aurantium Extract Hesperidin, Synephrine, Diosmin, Flavone 1.Specification - - - - ProductName: | Diosmin90% 95% 98% | Plant Resource: | Citrus Aurantium | CASNO: | 520-27-4 | MolecularFormula: | C28H32O15 | MolecularWeight: | 608.54 | TestMethod: | HPLC | Appearance: | Light yellow/gray yellowFinePowder | Odor: | Characteristic | Payment Terms | TT | MOQ: | 25 KGS | Package: | 25kgs/drum | - - - - 2. Main Usage uIt has the same function as Vitamin. uIt can reduce the brittleness and abnormal vascular permeability, utreatment for control of hypertension and arteriosclerosis, used in the treatment of capillary fragility effect stronger than rutin, hesperidin, and has the characteristics of low toxicity. uTreatment of hemorrhoid, Chronic Venous strict inequality 3. Packing&Storage uPackaging: 25kgs/drum, double-layers plastic bags inside or customized uStorage: Store in a well-closed container away from moisturestrong,directlight/heat. uShelf Life: 2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

99% Pure Natural Sucralose Powder / Extract Plant Zero - Calorie Sugar  

pure natural sucralose compound sweetener 99% pure sucralose white crystalline powder 1. Introduction: Sucralose is a zero-calorie sugar substitute artificial sweetener. In the European Union, it is also known under the E number (additive code) E955. Sucralose is approximately 600 times as sweet as sucrose (table sugar), twice as sweet as saccharin, and 3.3 times as sweet as aspartame. Unlike aspartame, it is stable under heat and over a broad range of pH conditions and can be used in baking or in products that require a longer shelf life. The commercial success of sucralose-based products stems from its favorable comparison to other low calorie sweeteners in terms of taste, stability, and safety. 2. Details: - - - - Product Name: | Sucralose | CAS NO.: | 56038-13-2 | Molecular Formula: | C12H19CL3O8 | Specification: | 99.0% | Appearance: | white crystalline powder | - - - - 3. Advantages 1) High sweetness, 600-650 times sweetness than cane sugar 2) No Calorie, without leading to put weight 3) Pure tastes like sugar and without unpleasant aftertaste 4) Absolutely safe to human body and suitable for all kinds of people 5) Without leading to tooth decay or dental plaque 6) Good solubility and excellent stability

Galvanised Steel Sliding Duct Dampers Collector Blast Gate From80mm To 300mm Manual Operation  

Sliding Duct Balancing Dampers Collector Blast Gate 80 - 300mm Galvanised Manual Description: Sliding Damper, Our Newly Developed Product Has Beautiful Appearance And High Quality. It Is Used To Adjust The Size Of The Fluid, It Is Easy To Operate With The Elbow And The Quick Release Clamp(Rapid Lock). The Operation Is Easy And Convenient. There Are Two Kinds Of Manual And Pneumatic.Range From Dia80mm To Dia300mm. Hebei Yunpeng Machinery is a leading enterprise whose hardware processing and trade is integrative. One of our factories locates in Shijiazhuang and the other locates Langfang, Hebei province where is close to Beijing and Tianjin port. Our company owns a lot of senior engineers and skilled workers that is capable of very solid manufacturing and processing. Our factories can design all kinds of complex die ,such as progressive die and compound die. Our products are widely used in dust extraction, ventilation systems, fireplace, household appliances, construction hardware , communications,and many other industries.

High Purity Skin Care Hyaluronic Acid Powder 99% CAS 9004 61 9  

High purity Skin care sodium hyaluronate CAS Number 9004-61-9 White crystalline powder Introduction: Hyaluronic acid(HA) is a straight chain macromolecular mucopolysaccharide composed of repeat disaccharide units of glucuronic acid and N-acetylglucosamin. It widely consists in the extracellular space of human and animal tissue, vitreum, umbilical cord, skin joints synovia and cockscomb, etc. The commercial HA is commonly a sodium salt, called sodium hyaluronate, habitually called hyaluronic acid. HA is a new biological at home and abroad. Its molecular weight is from several ten thousand to several million. Its aqueous solution has outstanding moisture keeping ability, high viscoelasticity and lubricity. It is widely used in cosmetics, pharmacy,health and food. Functions: Hyaluronic acid exists naturally in all living organisms and is a universal components of the spaces between the cells of body tissues (extracellular space) and eye vitreous body, it has special function: (1)Moisturizing effect and Nutritional ingredient (2)Thickening,Lubricating and membrance-forming (3) Sun-screening and restoration of skin trauma Applications The molecular weight of HA is 1 kDa-3,000kDa. HA with different molecular weight has different function in cosmitics Applications of hyaluronic acid cosmetic grade - - - - Application | Products | Dosage | Usage | Skin care | Cream, emulsion, essence, lotion, gel, facial mask, etc. | 0.1%~0.5%for HA powder 10%~50% for HA solution | Dissolving in water. Heating can be used when dissolving high molecular weigh HA. | Makeup | Lipstick, eye shadow, foundation, etc. | Cleansing | Facial cleaner, body wash, etc. | Hair care | Shampoo, hair conditioner, styling gel, hair restorer, etc. | - - - -

Galvanized Heavy Duty Pipe Welding Clamps Mounting Bracket 0.8mm-2.0mm Thickness  

PIPE CLAMP OR SPLIT BAND CLIP SPECIFICATION DIA80MM-DIA 300MM GALVANIZED PROCESSING TECHNIC :STAMPING AND DEEP DRAWING Material: Steel , Stainless Steel Thickness: 0.8-1.5mm Surface treatment: galvanized Specification:80mm-300mm to more size if you need Applied pipeline:Crude Oil Pipeline,Gas/Natural,Gas/Fuel Pipeline,Supply/Drainage Water Pipeline,Aviation/Automotive Special Pipeline,Lubricating Oil Pipeline,Mud slag pipeline,Suction pipeline Flushing Power pipeline,Cable Protection pipeline,Sea/Freash Water pipeline,Turbine pipeline,Air Conditioning pipeline,Fire Line,Ventilation pipeline,Compressred Air pipeline,and etc. Product Features:Flexibe connection,Wear and Corrosion Resistance,No need welding,No Fire,Space Saving,No limited for pipe materials,Under pressure Sealing and Easy installation.

10% Ceramide Skin Care / Rice Bran Extract Powder CAS 100403 19 8 Anti - Aging  

Factory Supply Free Sample High Quality Rice Bran Extract Powder Ceramide 1. Introduction: Ceramide (pronounced ser-A-mid OR seramide) is a family of lipid molecules. A ceramide is composed of sphingosine and a fatty acid. Ceramides are found in high concentrations within the cell membrane of cells. They are one of the component lipids that make up sphingomyelin, one of the major lipids in the lipid bilayer. For years, it was assumed that ceramides and other sphingolipids found in the bilayer cell membrane were purely structural elements. This is now known to be not completely true. Ceramide can actually act as a signaling molecule. The most well-known functions of ceramides as cellular signals include regulating the differentiation, proliferation, programmed cell death (PCD), and apoptosis (Type I PCD) of cells. - - - - Product Name: | Ceramide | CAS Number: | 100403-19-8 | Molecular Weight: | 536.89 | Molecular Formula: | C34H66NO3R | Specification: | 10% | Appearance: | Brown yellow powder or white powder | - - - - 2. Function # Ceramide with slap-up facial cleanser, food additive and function food(Anti-Aging with skin) extender. # Ceramide is the most essential factor in maintaining normal stratum corneum integrity. Therefore, the topical supplement of ceramide repairs the damaged skin barrier leading to give skin soft feeling. # Clinical studies in dermatology have revealed that in many cases of dermatitis such as atopy, acne and psoriasis are associated with lower level of Ceramides in stratum corneum than normal skin.

Additives Arbutin Powder Chemical Intermediate With White Crystalline Powder  

Cosmetics additives arbutin powder,Factory supply Alpha-arbutin/Beta Arbutin,Alpha Arbutin Powder Introduction: Alpha Arbutin is very safe skin agent for external use which does not have toxicity, stimulation, unpleasant odor or side effect such as Hydroqinone.The encapsulation of Alpha Arbutin constitute a delivery system to potentialize the effect in time. Alpha Arbutin is a way to incorporate the hydrophilic Alpha Arbutin in lipophilic media. Arbutin give three main properties; Whitening effects, anti- age effect and UVB/ UVC filter . - - - - Product Name: | Alpha-Arbutin | CAS Number: | 84380-01-8 | Molecular Weight: | 272.25 | Molecular Formula: | C12H16O7 | Specification: | 99.0% | Appearance: | White crystalline powder | - - - - Function 1) Alpha-arbutin is a natural skin lightening agent derived from the bearberry shrub.Arbutin also protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals. 2) Alpha-arbutin has a non irritating, non toxic effect on the skin,Arbutin can help with conditions such as such as freckles, liver spots and hyperpigmented areas of the skin. 3) Alpha-arbutin has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

19057-60-4 White Powder Astragaloside IV Dioscin C45H72O16 By HPLC Test  

19057-60-4 White Powder Astragaloside IV Dioscin C45H72O16 By HPLC Test Quick Details: English Name:Dioscin CASNo.:19057-60-4 Molecular Formula:C45H72O16 Molecular Weight:869.05 Molecular structure: Appearance:White powder Purity:98% Identification method:Mass, NMR Analysis method:HPLC-DAD or/and HPLC-ELSD Mp:294296 Rotation:-115(C=0.373, ethanol) Solubility:Insoluble in water, petroleum ether, benzene, soluble in methanol, ethanol, acetic acid, slightly soluble in acetone, amyl alcohol. Extraction Source:Dioscorea nipponica ANALYTICAL RESULTS: - - - - TEST | STANDARDS | RESULTS | APPEARANCE | White powder | White powder | IDENTIFICATION | 13C-NMR | Conforms | PURITY (HPLC) | 98% | 98.92%(HPLC-UV) | CONCLUSION | Conforms to standard | - - - - Packaging & Delivery: Products will be sent to you immediately after we received the payment. Professional team for package and shipment. Fast and discreet shipment could be arranged for customs pass Guaranteed. Problems would be solved for you immediately. Equipements in our pilot-scale facility and purification laboratory: 1) Pilot-scale facility: We have 1m3 extracting tank and matched equipments for concentration, extraction, separation and purification. Please kindly find the attached pictures. 2) Purification laboratory for Kg-scale: Could undertake purification for kg-scale natural compound. Please kindly find the attached pictures. Our Advantages: 1. We inspect the manufacture process strictly and the quality can be controlled 2.We supply high quality products, reasonable price, prompt delivery 3. Our best quality extract with natural and pure. No additives, organically grown

Vinpocetine Powder Chemical Intermediate CAS 42971 09 5 Increase blood flow  

Stevioside stevia extract neotame powder Recommended Vinpocetine powder CAS# 42971-09-5 with high quality - - - - Items | Specification | Results | appearance | White or slightly yellow, crystalline powder | White crystalline | Solubility | Practically insoluble in water, soluble in methylene chloride, slightly soluble in anhydrousethanol | confirms | Identification (IR) | same wave numbers as that of the Vinpocetine, CRS similarly prepare CRS similarly prepared. | Conforms | Specific Optical Rotation(On dried basis) | Between +127 and +134 | +132.7 | Related Substances (External Standard method) | Ethyl vincaminate(A) | 0.6% | Conforms | Apovincamine(B) | 0.5% | Conforms | Methoxyvinpocetine(C) | 0.3% | Not detected | Dihydrovinpocetine(D) | 0.5% | Not detected | Other single impurity | 0.10% | Conforms | Total impurity | 1.0% | 0.19% | Loss on drying | 0.5% | 0.04% | Sulphated ash | 0.1% | 0.07% | Assay(On dried basis) | 98.5% ~101,5% , | 100.2% | - - - - Description: Vinpocetine can stimulate cerebral circulation and help the brain make better use of oxygen. With current increases in human longevity and an exponentially expanding senior population, degenerative disorders which affect the brain and its functions are attracting more and more attention as an aging generation looks toward a healthier, more active, and more productive lifestyle. Main Functions: 1. Increases blood flow. 2. Increases the rate at which brain cells produce ATP (which is a cell molecule that creates energy). 3. Speeds up the use of glucose in the brain. Regulates Sodium/ Potassium channels 4. Speeds up the use of oxygen in the brain. 5. Vinpocetine increases levels of neurotransmitters involved in memory

Plant extracts 98% Chemical Intermediate DL-Octopaminehydrochloride  

Octopamine HCL /DL-Octopaminehydrochloride/Octopamine hydrochloride 1. Introduction: These recommendations are based on personal experiences and our own research. Some dietary supplements have limited research available and may result in adverse effects. Consult a qualified physician prior to using any dietary supplements. Do not use if pregnant, nursing, or if you are in anyway unhealthy. Only a qualified physician can determine if you are healthy enough for supplement use. We attest only for the quality and description of the supplements we provide. In using our products, you agree not to hold us accountable for any adverse effects, discomfort, or other consequences that may arise from supplement use. 2. Details: - - - - Product Name: | DL-Octopaminehydrochloride | CAS Number: | 770-05-8 | Molecular Weight: | 189.64 | Molecular Formula: | C8H12ClNO2 | Specification: | 98% | Appearance: | White fine powder | - - - - 3. Function 1) As a dietary supplement designed to support calorie burning (thermogenesis) and resulting weight loss. 2) Citrus Aurantium Extract also helps to clean the blood and has been reported to dissolve kidney stones. 3) Citrus aurantium Extract is thought to have similar effects in terms of providing an energy

High Purity Poria Cocos Extract Pachymic Acid Natural Cosmetics 29070-92-6  

High Purity Poria Cocos Extract Pachymic Acid Natural Cosmetics 29070-92-6 Quick Details: English Name:Pachymic acid CAS No.:29070-92-6 Molecular Formula:C33H52O5 Molecular Weight: 528.76 Molecular structure: Appearance:off-white powder Purity:98% Identification methods:Mass, NMR Analysis method:HPLC-DAD or/and HPLC-ELSD Extraction Source:Polyporaceae Usage:For the determination and identification, pharmacological experiments Storage:4 Refrigerated, sealed, dark Product Description: - - - - Product name | Pachymic acid | CAS register number | 29070-92-6 | Molecular formula | C33H52O5 | Molecular weight | 528.76 | Purity | HPLC>98% | - - - - Company profile: Nanjing Spring & Autumn Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. has a R & D team composed by experienced natural products chemists and plant taxonomists. Our specialty services are as follows: 1) Supply massive customization services of high purity natural products from plants, our products can meet different needs of different specifications from mg to kg; 2) Customization research and production services of high purity natural products from TCM. All our products can provide the HPLC, MS, NMR spectrum according to customer needs, as well as standardized testing analysis report. Equipements in our pilot-scale facility and purification laboratory: 1) Pilot-scale facility: We have 1m3 extracting tank and matched equipments for concentration, extraction, separation and purification. Please kindly find the attached pictures. 2) Purification laboratory for Kg-scale: Could undertake purification for kg-scale natural compound. Please kindly find the attached pictures. Advantage We welcome your OEM and can extract and purify the specific compounds according to your requirements in a short time. We keep stocking our products from milligrams up to multi-kilogram quantities, offering you immediately access to them with competitive price and trustable quality. We have more than 600 various quality products and we also provide customized service for massive production of high-purified natural products and plant extracts.

Parthenolide Astragaloside IV 20554-84-1 98% Purity Tsoongioden Dronodorum Chun  

Parthenolide Astragaloside IV 20554-84-1 98% Purity Tsoongioden Dronodorum Chun Quick Details: English Name:Parthenolide CAS No.:20554-84-1 Molecular Formula:C15H20O3 Molecular Weight: 248.32 Appearance:White powder Purity:98% Identification methods:Mass, NMR Analysis method:HPLC-DAD or/and HPLC-ELSD Mp:115 Solubility:Insoluble in water, soluble in acetone,ethyl acetate,DMSO and organic solvents Usage:For the determination and identification, pharmacological experiments Storage:4 Refrigerated, sealed, dark Expiration:2 years Package:1g, 10g, 100g, 1kg, 50kg...The company can provide a large number of high-purity according to customer requirements. Product Description: - - - - Product name | Parthenolide | CAS register number | 20554-84-1 | Molecular formula | C15H20O3 | Molecular weight | 248.32 | Purity | HPLC>98% | - - - - Competitive Advantage Nanjing Spring & Autumn Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. has a R & D team composed by experienced natural products chemists. The company is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the extraction and separation of chemical compositions from plants, and focusing on the research and production of standard reference materials, pharmacology used natural intermediates, bulk grade natrual products, high purity plant extacts and active parts, TCM intermediates, and TCM crude materials. We have our own chemical research laboratory and 2000 m2 Medium-scale Factory, being committed to R&D innovative small molecule compounds especially anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation, anti-aging and metabolism related natural compound monomers, providing the precursor compounds or materials with high purity natural sources for innovative drug research. ANALYTICAL RESULTS - - - - TEST | STANDARDS | RESULTS | APPEARANCE | Off-white powder | Off-white powder | PURITY (HPLC) | 98% | 99.50% (HPLC-UV) | CONCLUSION | Conforms to standard | - - - - STORAGE CONDITIONS - - - - STORAGE | 4 refrigerated, sealed, dark. | EXPIRATION DATE | 2 years under the above conditions. | - - - - Functions: 1. Anti-tumor effectively; 2. Treating migraine, rheumatic diseases and other diseases; 3. Treating the wind agent, gastrointestinal swelling, relieve renal pain and vomit; 4. Killing worms used as insectcide; 5. Rreducing kidney pain, dissiness and morning vomitting; 6. Stimulating the appetite, improving digestion and kidney function.

99% Pure Chemical Intermediate Alpha GPC Powder CAS 28319 77 9 In Medicine  

Factory supply Alpha GPC powder, Pure Alpha-GPC 99%, Alpha GPC in bulk Product Introduction Alpha GPC 28319-77-9 rapidly delivers choline to the brain across the bloodbrain barrier and is a biosynthetic precursor of the acetylcholine neurotransmitter.Alpha GPC is derived from highly purified soy lecithin by companies like Lipoid, VAV Life Sciences, Chemi SPA etc. Studies have investigated its efficacy for cognitive disorders including stroke and Alzheimers Disease. An Italian multicentre clinical trial on 2,044 patients suffering from recent stroke were supplied alpha-GPC in doses of 1,000 mg/day for 28 days and 400 mg three times per day for the five ensuing months. The trial confirmed the therapeutic role of alpha-GPC on the cognitive recovery of patients based on four measurement scales, three of which reached statistical significance. Commonly used doses are 300-1,200 mg daily. Specifications - - - - Item | Specification | Result | Appearance | White or almost white, crystalline powder | Complies | Related substance (HPLC) | Total impurity 0.5% Max single impurity 0.1% | 0.2% 0.06% | Odor | Characteristic | Complies | Assay | 99% | 99.8% | Sieve analysis | 100% pass 80 mesh | Complies | Loss on Drying Residue on Ignition | 1.0% 1.0% | 0.12% 0.09% | Heavy Metal | <10ppm | Complies | As | <0.1ppm | 0.05ppm | Pb | <0.1ppm | 0.05ppm | Cd | <0.1ppm | 0.05ppm | Residual Solvents | <100ppm | Complies | Residual Pesticide | Negative | Complies | Microbiology | | | Total Plate Count | <1000cfu/g | Complies | Yeast & Mold | <100cfu/g | Complies | E.Coli | Negative | Complies | Salmonella | Negative | Complies | - - - - Function 1. increases in endogenous human Growth Hormone (hGH) secretion by the anterior pituitary in conjunction with Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone (GHRH); that is, both Alpha-G.P.C. and GHRH act concertedly to stimulate the release of hGH, naturally;2. stimulation of the enzymatic synthesis of phosphatidylcholine (PC) in nerves, muscle cells and all cell membranes, counteracting the age-related decrease in phospholipid (PC) biosynthesis; thus, Alpha-GPC contributes directly to improved mental focus and stimulation of cognitive function;3. acts as a precursor of acetylcholine (ACh); thus, Alpha-GPC activates cholinergic transmission which permits the development of more strength from work-outs and training programs, plus reducing levels of somatostatin in the hypothalamic-pituitary axis;4. elevations in blood and tissue levels of the essential nutrient, choline, which supports improved lipotrophic functions (methyl group transferases) in the liver, and acts synergistically with S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM or SAMe) and folic acid, vitamin B12 and vitamin B6 to facilitate methyl group transfers in the brain and liver;5. produces improved balanced and coordination when combined with skill set practice and training as a result of normalized nerve transmission in the brain, and in cardiac, skeletal and smooth muscles. Application The main benefit to Alpha GPC is its noticeable nootropic qualities. It is used as a prescription medication and has merit in treating many mental deficiencies. Alpha GPC has qualities of treating overall general mental health including: learning and memory, thinking skills and mood.

Vintage Fine Jewelry Gemstone Rings18k Gold With 3 Stone / Diamond Surround  

Fine Gemstone Jewelry 18K Gold Vintage Style Genuine Sapphire and Diamond Ring Centre Sapphire: 3 Natural Sapphires 3 mm in Diameter Sapphire: 0.15-0.17ct Side Stone: 33 natural bulediamond accents Weight: 2.76-3.21g Diamonds:0.105-0.128ct G-H color SIclarity Metal: 18K Solid Gold High Polish Finish Weights 2.76-3.21Grams Fine Jewelry Ring Blue Sapphire Meaning & Healing Properties: King Solomon and Abraham both wore talismans of Sapphire, and some say that the laws given to Moses were engraved on tablets of Sapphire. This stone is mentioned in Revelation as one of the 12 foundation stones John saw in New Jerusalem. Worn by many in history from all types of religions to bring good fortune and help keep them on their spiritual paths. If you need to enhance your focus or gain more self discipline, you should wear or carry a Sapphire daily. Also known as a stone of wisdom, Sapphire will help stimulate your mind,and assist you in finding the truth. If you find that you often shut down emotionally or have trouble communicating effectively, you will greatly benefit from the healing powers of Sapphire. You can also use this stone to cure depression and inferiority complexes. Along with all its amazing spiritual and emotional powers, Sapphire is also used to heal physical ailments. This stone has been used for thousands of years to help with eye infections and improve eyesight. Sapphire is also excellent for headaches, nosebleeds, fever, thyroid problems, dementia, and all types of ear problems. You can also place a Sapphire stone under your pillow to help with insomnia Picture Details: Model Show:

White Powder Lupeol 545-47-1 C30H50O 98% Purity For Identification  

White Powder Lupeol 545-47-1 C30H50O 98% Purity For Identificatio Quick Details: English Name : Lupeol CAS No.:545-47-1 Molecular Formula:C30H50O Molecular Weight: 426.72 Appearance:White powder Purity:98% Identification methods:Mass, NMR Analysis method:HPLC-DAD or/and HPLC-ELSD Usage:For the determination and identification, pharmacological experiments Storage:4 Refrigerated, sealed, dark Expiration:2 years Package:20mg, 50mg, 100mg, 1g, 10g, 100g... The company can provide a large number of high-purity Lupeol according to customer requirements. Quality commitment If the product has quality problems, returns and replacement for any reason will be accepted. Packaging & Delivery: Products will be sent to you immediately after we received the payment. Professional team for package and shipment. Fast and discreet shipment could be arranged for customs pass Guaranteed. Problems would be solved for you immediately. ANALYTICAL CONDITIONS: - - - - INSTRUMENT | SHIMADZU LC-20AT HPLC SHIMADZU SPD-20A UV DETECTION | COLUMN | Agela Venusil XBP C18 | MOBILE PHASE | 100%MeOH; | COLUMN TEMP. | 30 | FLOW RATE | 1.0 mL/min | INJECTION VOL. | 5 L | INJECTION CONC. | 2 mg/mL in MeOH | DETECTION | UV206nm | - - - -

Organic 98% Natural Oxaloacetic Acid CAS 328 42 7 Dihydroxyflavone ISO Certification  

Oroxylum indicum ( L. ) Vent. Natural Oroxylum indicum Extract powder Chrysin 5,7-Dihydroxyflavone - - - - Product Name: | Oxaloacetic Acid | CAS Number: | 328-42-7 | Molecular Weight: | 132.07 | Molecular Formula: | C4H4O5 | Specification: | 98% | Appearance: | White Fine Powder | - - - - Introduction: Oxaloacetic acid (also known as oxalacetic acid) is a crystalline organic compound with the chemical formula HO2CC(O)CH2CO2H. Oxaloacetic acid, in the form of its conjugate base oxaloacetate, is a metabolic intermediate in many processes that occur in animals. It takes part in the gluconeogenesis, urea cycle, glyoxylate cycle, amino acid synthesis, fatty acid synthesis and citric acid cycle. Function: 1. As a substrate of citrate synthase and malic aciddehydrogenase, also can be used as succinate dehydrogenase inhibitor; 2. To speed up the body fat decomposition; 3. To improve the body glycogen reserve; 4. Promote the purine nucleotide circulation in the body. Application: Widely used in nutritional chemicals.

Contemporary Diamond Gemstone Jewelry Diamond And Ruby Pendant Necklace  

Luxury Diamond Jewelry Natural Gemstone Necklace Ruby Pendant Charm Centre Stone: Natural Ruby 4x6mm in Diameter Weights 0.22ct-0.25ct Side Stone: 22natural white diamond accents Weights 0.228ct-0.232ct G-H color SIclarity Metal: 18K RoseGold High Polish Finish Weights 2.17-2.24Grams Fine Metal Picture Details: Ruby in Ancient Lore and Legend # The blood-red Ruby was considered one of the most magnificent of all gems and was honored throughout history in many cultures. The Hindus called it ratnaraj, king of precious stones, and ratnanayaka, leader of precious stones. Ancient texts are referenced as claiming the beautiful clear and fine Ruby is the lord of stones; it is the gem of gems, and surpasses all other precious stones in virtue. It is also said to be the most precious of the twelve stones God created when He created all creatures, and was thought to be the fourth gem in the breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest of the Second Temple engraved with the tribe of Judah. # A powerful symbol of the sun, Ruby is believed to contain the bloodline of humanity. Its glowing radiance suggests an inextinguishable flame within the stone that cannot be hidden, as it would shine through clothing or any material wrapped around the gem. An exaggerated Eastern legend says according to the Talmud, Abraham, when keeping his numerous wives held in an iron city, in order to give them light, set a bowl of Rubies in its midst which filled all the air with luster. # # In Hindu lore the fire within the Ruby burned so hot, if cast into water it would communicate its heat to the liquid causing it to boil. The Greeks likewise believed if Ruby were carved and impressed on wax, it would melt the wax. # # Rubies were at one time thought to be male and female, the darker red and Star Rubies were male, while those of lighter hue were female. # # From ancient times up through the Middle Ages, Ruby was worn as an amulet or charm to ward off plague and pestilence, and gave its wearer the virtue of prudence, and banished sadness and idle, foolish thoughts. It was reputed to bring the wearer peace, drive away frightful dreams, restrain lust, and to help resolve disputes. Not only was the wearer or carrier of this precious stone protected from all perils, but if the four corners of a house, garden or vineyard were touched by a Ruby they would be preserved from lightning, tempests, and worms. # Ancient legends in Burma held that inserting a Ruby into the flesh so it became a part of the body conferred the power of invulnerability. Professions Benefited by Ruby People in several professions can derive benefit from wearing ruby stone for politicians, this stone ensures success in politics and those who are in higher offices or high positions. Trustees in public trusts, spiritualists, diplomats, people who are associated with new inventions and need more fame and success in their lives can benefit from wearing ruby stone. Those who are engineers, connected with electricity, newspaper, foundry, any business involving electricity and fire, computers, chemistry, printing, publishing, research, mathematics etc.and those who are concerned with medicines, physiology, medical research and surgery will be benefited from wearing the ruby stone. Again, people concerned with agriculture, astronomy, military, space research, astrology, sports, metallurgists, writers, doctors and engineers will find ruby beneficial.

Hederidi Hederagenin Astragaloside IV White Crystalline Powder CAS 465-99-6  

Hederidi Hederagenin Astragaloside IV White Crystalline Powder CAS 465-99-6 Quick Details: English Name:Hederagenin English alias:Caulosapogenin,Hederidin. Kalosapogenin,Melanthigenin,Astrantiagenin E CAS No.:465-99-6 Molecular Formula:C30H48O4 Molecular Weight:472.71 Appearance:White crystalline powder Purity:98% Identification methods:Mass, NMR Analysis method:HPLC-DAD or/and HPLC-ELSD Mp:331333 Solubility:Soluble in water, soluble in hot water, hot methanol and hot ethanol, insoluble in ether and other small polar organic solvents. Extraction Source:Lonicera fulvotomentosa Usage:For the determination and identification, pharmacological experiments Storage:4Refrigerated, sealed, dark Expiration:2 years Product Description: - - - - Product name | Hederagenin | CAS register number | 465-99-6 | Molecular formula | C30H48O4 | Molecular weight | 472.7 | Purity | HPLC>98% | - - - - Our Advantages: We all employee adhering to the business philosophy of "quality first, forging ahead", we have established long-term and stable cooperative relationships with many enterprises in domestic and overseas markets. With superior products and consummate services, all of our staff members sincerely welcome friends to visit us for negotiation and cooperation to create a better tomorrow. Please contact us for any other question. What will Hedera helix Extract be used for? 1. Anti-inflammatory properties It is a good treatment for those suffering from asthma and bronchitis. It has anti-inflammatory properties which help in treating inflammatory bronchial conditions and asthma as well. 2. Decongestant properties It is an excellent cure for bronchial congestion. It is used in many herbal concoctions which are meant for reducing congestion. 3. Pain reliever The ivy plant has pain reducing properties; many researchers have proved that ivy leaves can be a cure for relieving pain. 4. A potential diabetic cure Ivy leaves contains zinc, manganese, and chromium. Researchers have suggested that ivy leaves can cure diabetes if consumed properly.

Antioxidation Resveratrol Weight Loss / Natural Plant Extracts 98% Delay Aging  

China Factory Supply Top Quality Pure Natural Polygonum Cuspidatum Root Extract 99% Resveratrol 1. Introduction: Resveratrol is a naturally occurring polyphenol antioxidant found in red grape skin, Japanese knotweed, peanuts, blueberries and some other berries. It is a powerful antioxidant produced by some plants to protect them against environmental stresses, such as, UV-radiation and bacterial and fungal infection. 2. Details: - - - - Product Name: | Resveratrol | CAS Number: | 501-36-0 | Molecular Weight: | 228.24 | Molecular Formula: | C14H12O3 | Specification: | 98% | Appearance: | Light Brown or White Powder | - - - - 3. Function 1. Antioxidation, has the function of delaying aging and resisting fatigue; 2. Arrest the proliferation of malicious cell, which will prevent arthritis and other diseases; 3. Adjusting cholesterol and reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease; 4. Inhibiting platelet aggregation and reduceing the risk of heart disease, then further controll its development.

White Gold Ruby Pendant Necklace , Authentic Diamond Ruby Necklace  

Diamond Jewelry Solid 18Kt White Gold Genuine Gemstone Pendant Chain Necklace Diamonds: Natural Diamonds Carat Weight:0.227-0.232ct Cut:Round Clarity:SI Color:G-H Ruby:Genuine 100% Natural Carat Weight:0.21-0.24ct Cut:Pear Clarity:VS Metal Type: Polish Solid 18Kt White Gold Gold Weight:2.16-2.23g Chain Length: 16-18 Inch (Adjustable) Ruby Stones Properties Rubies are one of the most precious stones in the entire world. They are among the most highly valued stones in modern society, alongside diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. An interesting fact, however, is that ruby stones only became defined by their chemical makeup in the last couple centuries. Picture Details: Model Show:

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