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Shanghai Huitian New Material Company

Informatization is our long term plan. We are building internet services including communications, transportations, orders dealing etc.. An APP is being designed and will be kept updating. Based on high speed internet, our aim is that customers could get what they need at lowest cost.

Products :

Automotive Adhesive,Electrical Potting Compound,Industrial Adhesive Glue

Contact Info:
Contact: Mr. Jason Zhang
TEL: 86-021-54650377
Fax: 86-021-57743399
Country: CN
Address: No. 251, Wenji Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai China

Products Showroom


Semi transparent Polysiloxane Electrical Potting Compound , non corrosive silicone sealant

RTV Silicone Potting Compound Sealant 4120Q for LED Screen / laptop thermal grease

Power Supply Electrical Potting Compound Silicone 5295 high voltage potting compound

0113 Thermal Conductive Grease / Silicone Thermal Grease 0113 for CPU and LED chip

Industrial Strength Adhesive Glue , polyurethane adhesive 917 for engineering machinery

5299 Two component Electrical Potting Compound / two part silicone adhesive

High thermally conductive contact potting silicone sealing compound for electrical 5296

HT9661Single component RTV Silicone potting compound for electronic components

High Performance Electrical Potting Compound / RTV Silicone Sealant 9662

RTV-2 Silicone Adhesive Sealant 4010 for household panel and microwave oven door glass

Silicone Thermal Conductive Grease 0111 thermal grease for cpu or LED chip

Single component white color Silicone thermal paste compound 0112 Eco-friendly odorless

Double component Thermal Conductive Grease condensation type electronic silicone sealant

Silicone Potting Compound 9132 for Steam iron , high temperature potting compound

9011 (HT901W) Electrical Potting Compound RTV Silicone Bonding and sealing

Grey Color Silicone Thermal Conductive Grease 0114 FOR electronic components

High performance thermal compound , silicone grease electrical conductivity 0115

4010 Structural silicone adhesive silicone rubber thermal grease for laptop

High Performance RTV Silicone Sealant 9612 for sealing electric kettle , Coffee kettle body

7580 Hot melt reactive polyurethane potting compoundadhesive for Mobile phone

Electrical Potting Compound For sealing and bonding LCD decorative lighting and LED lights

4112 RTV Silicone Sdhesive Electrical Potting Compound Double component condensation type

Polysiloxane Industrial Adhesive Glue 9013 RTV Silicone Sealant Single Component

9661E One component fast cure non corrosive silicone sealantadhesive for electric apparatus

Two component solvent type adhesive for flexible packaing, polyurethane adhesive, especially for hot

Slightly Slump 9013 RTV Silicone Sealant / Adhesive (901HT) One component

9060(906B) Silicone Potting Compound , non - slump black silicone adhesive / sealant

Single Component high performance polyurethane Automotive Adhesive sealant HT8921

Translucent Industrial Adhesive Glue , highly flowable 9212 RTV silicone adhesive

5299 Silicone Potting Compound for LED lamp , circuit board potting compound

High Strength 917 Black Polyurethane Windshield Adhesive water resistance

Huitian 917 Windscreen , windshield glass sealant , polyurethane pu sealant

White / Grey Electrical Potting Compound 9661E RTV Silicone Adhesive Sealant

9661E(9665E) High Performance Electrical Potting Compound for LED lamp bonding

9060H (HT-906BZ) RTV Silicone potting compound for electronic components

White Color HT9661 Silicone Electrical Potting Compound for LED light shield

Power supply and LED lamp Silicone Potting Compound 5296 led potting compound

Low viscosity Automotive Adhesive car waterproof sealant , car window seal adhesive

5295 Electrical Potting Compound for power supply , LED potting compound

HT7937D MS Sealants Automotive Adhesive , car silicone windshield sealant

Fast curing two components PU glue adhesive HT8864 for large area and strong bonding

HT 8962 High performance PU Sealant Adhesive for car windshield glass SI262

White modified silicone automotive bonding adhesive MS Sealant for joint sealing

Automotive structural adhesive acrylic AB Glue HT1830 for bonding plastic / metal

High bonding strength five minute epoxy glue for tire repair , epoxy glue for cars

Black modified silicone MS Sealant Adhesive 7930 used for trucks and buses joint sealing

LED outdoor Screen Silicone Potting Compound 4120Q Potting electronic components

Out door LED Screen Potting silicone potting compound electronics 4120Z

HTU352A Single component UV Curing Adhesive / metal to glass bonding adhesive

HTU-3312C-12 Medium - high viscosity UV Curing Adhesive , plastic to plastic bonding

Power - seal Black Gasket Maker WITH anti - aging , weathering , heat

3310 (HTU-3312) UV Curing Adhesive / UV cure adhesive glue for glass and plastic

919 Polyurethane Windshield Adhesive PU sealant for interior , locomotive , ship

9013 9013 RTV Silicone sealing compound adhesive single component , semi flowing

918a Polyurethane Windshield Adhesive PU sealant for windscreen mirror adhesive

586 Black Gladiators Silicone Gasket Maker 55g for auto gasket , netural curing

No odor 586 Black rtv silicone sealant / black silicone gasket maker

Black Long Wong Gasket Maker Sealant , RTV silicone sealant for autos repair

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