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Dongguan ShuangYi Electronic Technology Manufacturing Limited

Dongguan ShuangYi Electronic Technology Manufacturing co., LTD founded in 2014, which is a connecter and wire harness manufacturer set research and development, production, marketing as one. We can develop and processing various hardware and plastic mould of connectors independently.

Products :

USB Charging Connector,Serial Attached SCSI Cable,Cable Harness Assembly

Contact Info:
Contact: Miss. Charlotte
TEL: 86-769-38825599
Fax: 86-769-28825589
Country: CN
Address: Address: North 1st Rd,No.3,Chikan district,Shipai town, 523346 Dongguan City, China

Products Showroom


22 Pin Male to Female Hard Drive SATA Power Cable Black Slimline 20 Inch

Red SATA Data Cable Slimline SATA To SATA Female / Male Adapter With Power

3.3FT External SAS Cable HD Mini SAS SFF-8644 To SFF-8644 Cable 1M / Black

0.3 M Black Serial Attached SCSI Cable External HD Mini SAS SFF-8643 To SFF-8644 Cable

40Gb/S QSFP28 Direct - Attach Copper Serial Attached SCSI Cable For Switch 2 Meter

HD Mini SAS Cable With Sideband 0.8 Meter / 2.6ft Foldable Flexible 2 Pack

Mini Serial Attached SCSI Cable SAS SFF-8087 36 Pin To SAS SFF-8484 32 Pin Cable 0.5 M

1M Serial Attached SCSI Cable Mini SAS 36-Pin Male To SAS 29-Pin Female Cable

Molex Mini Fit 4.2 mm Pitch Connector Wire to Wire Thin With Tin Plated Pin

Internal Mini SAS SFF-8643 Host To 4 SAS 29 Pin SFF-8482 Hard Disk Fanout Data Server

Internal HD Mini SAS Cable (SFF-8643) to 4 SATA Forward Breakout Cable 3.3 Feet / 1M

7 Pin DOM Flash 4GB Laptop SATA Connector Internal Type Brass Contact

Displayport Male To HDMI Male Long HDMI Cable High Speed Nickel Plated Connectors

5 Pin SMT PCB Mount Port Waterproof Micro USB Connector , FemaleMicro B USB Connector

Female USB 3.1 Compact Micro USB Type C Male to Micro USB 5 Pin For Computer

IDE To SATA Hard Drive Power Cable 7.5 Inch With Copper Conductor

Computer Serial Attached SCSI SAS Cable SFF 8087 To SFF 8087 Tinned Cooper Conductor

Anti - Static Shielded SATA HDD Power Cable Male To Male Extension Lightweight

Internal SAS Serial Attached SCSI Cable , SFF 8643 To SFF 8087 1m SAS Cable

USB 2.0 A Male USB Charging Connector , Plug Jack Mounting Solder 4 Pin PCB Connector

SFF 8643 12Gb SAS Serial Attached SCSI Cable 36P HD Right Angle For Server

SFF 8639 To SFF 8643 Serial Attached SCSI Cable , Black SAS 68 Pin SCSI Cable

SATA 3.0 Slim Flexible External SATA Cable , PC Powered ESATA Cable

SATA 3.0 6Gbps SATA Data Cable , 4 Pin IDE LP4 Power SATA Cable Length 40cm

Tin Plated Brass Pin Cable Harness Assembly 4.2mm Pitch For Electronics

6 Feet Shielded SATA II 3.0 External SATA Cable ESATA To ESATA 7P For TV

DIP Foot 4 Pin AF Type Double USB Charging Connector Female For PCB

USB 3.1 Type C to USB 3.0 A Adapter OTG Micro USB Female High Contact Efficiency

4 Pin AF Type USB Charging Connector , Right Angle Female SMT USB 2.0 Connector

Female IDC 15 Pin SATA Data Connector , PC Server Locking SATA Crimp Connector

2.0 Female USB Type A Connector 4 Pin DIP 90 Degree Jack Socket For Server

Laptop Slimline Serial ATA SATA External Connector Female IDC 15 Pin

Red 18 Inch Custom SATA Data Cables SATA III 6.0 Gbps For Blue Ray DVD CD Drives

Computer 15 Pin SATA Power Connector Insulation Resistance 1000 Mohms

SFF 8087 To 4 SATA Serial Attached SCSI Cable , 1.5m Internal 6gb SAS Fan Out Cable

1.5 Amp SMT Black Micro SATA Hard Drive Power Connector 6 Pin Crimp Type

Female SMT SATA Data Connector , Crimp Type Serial ATA 7 Pin Connector

HDD SATA III 6.0 Gbps Female To Female SATA Data Cable 7 Pin With Locking Latch

Type C 3.1 To USB 3.0 Connector Type C Micro USB 2 Port For Computer

Red SATA 3.0 6gbps Cable Long SATA Cable 7 Pin SATA To SATA For Set Top Box

SATA III 6 Gbps SSD SATA Hard Drive Cable SATA To Dual SATA Power Adapter

Slim Flat High Speed HDMI Cable 1.4 Version Extension For DVD Player

SFF 8087 To 4 SATA Molex SAS Cable Pinout 2 Serial Attached SCSI SATA to HDD

Female To Female Locking Data SATA Cable Power SATA 3 6gb 9 Inch

Female To Female Serial ATA SATA Data Cable 7 Pin For Computer 300mm

SATA 3.0 6Gbps Locking SATA Cable Power 2 Piece Ultraslim Lateral 2 Feet

4P Molex To Dual SATA Flat Wire Harness And Cable Assembly Black Red Yellow With Y Cable Adapter

Hard Drive HDD SSD Cable Harness Assembly , Molex to Dual SATA Power Splitter Cable

Computer SATA 3 6Gb SATA Data Cable , Short Internal SATA Cable 7 Pin 450mm

8 Inch Slim SATA Data Cable , 15 Pin Male to Female SATA Power Extension Cable

5.08mm Braided Molex 4 Pin SATA Power Cable 15 Pin Male To Male For Hard Disk

Internal 15 Pin Male To Female SATA Data Cable For Computer IDC Type

Molex 4 Pin To Molex 4 Pin Cable Harness Assembly Pitch 5.08mm For Computer 200mm

SATA To Dual SATA Data Cable Splitter SSD HDD SATA Cable For Hard Drive

IDE Flat Cable Harness Assembly 4 Pin to 2 x 15 Pin SATA To Serial ATA SATA Connector

Linear Splitter Extension Adapter Converter Cable With 4 Pin Molex Female Connector

Molex 4 Pin To 15 Pin SATA Hard Drive Power Cable Female To Male Length 500mm

Gray Camera Type C Micro USB , SATA Sync Charge OTG Micro USB 23mm x 10mm x 5mm

Red USB 3.1 Type C Male to Micro USB 5 Pin Micro USB Slim For Cell Phone

Male To Female 15 Pin SATA Data Cable , Slim SATA Power Extension Cable IDC Type 8 Inch

Computer Molex 4 Pin To 2 x15 Pin SATA Data Cable Right Angle Pitch 5.08mm

4 Pin Molex to SATA Data Cable Cable Harness Assembly For Computer 6 Inches

18 AWG 4x SATA Power Splitter Adapter Cable SATA Serial ATA Power Cable

5 Gbps Type C Micro USB , USB C to Micro USB Female Connector For Google Chromebook Pixel

Type C USB 3.1 Waterproof Micro USB Connector Metal For Mobile Phone

USB 3.1 Type C Male to Micro USB Female Data Type C Micro USB 5 Pin High Speed

IP68 Steel Micro Tablet USB Connector B Ejector Type Gold Flash Contact

Laptop High Speed Mini Micro USB C to USB 3.0 Smart Aluminum Rose Gold

Compact Female Mobile Phone Micro USB Connector 3.1 Type C SATA Sync Charge

DIP 180 Degree Jack Socket 4 Pin USB Charging Connector , 15mm USB 2.0 Female Type A Connector

Mini SMD AF Type USB Charging Connector , USB 2.0 4 Pin USB Connector

USB 2.0 A Type Female Micro USB Connector Short Body 90 Degree 4 Pin

Double Layers Female USB Micro Connector Type A Right Angle 8 Pin DIP Jack

USB 2.0 A Male Plug 4 Pin Powered USB Connector DIP Mount Jack Socket

Black 4 Pin USB 2.0 A Standard USB Connector Female Port Jack Socket For PC System

SFF 8087 To SATA Serial Attached SCSI Cable 500mm 30 AWG 28 Pin For Server

Type A Female USB Charging Connector , Lightweight 8 Pin Dual USB 2.0 Connector

Flexible SAS To 4x SATA Forward Breakout Cable 3.3 Feet 30 AWG Style

Female Straight Pin USB Charging Connector With 30 M Contact Resistance

SAS SFF 8482 Serial Attached SCSI Connector 6 Gbps DIP SMT Solder Crimp Type

Black 7 Pin External SATA Cable , PC PCB ESATA To SATA Cable With Power

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